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Christianity and the Environment: Reflections on Rio and Au Sable

Loren Wilkinson
S & CB 5 (2)
October 1993


The United Nations ‘Earth Summit’ last year in Rio was an ambitious attempt to address serious environmental issues in an international forum; opinions differ on its success, but one obvious feature of the summit was its recognition that environmental problems are also spiritual problems. The underlying spirituality of the earth summit was, however, a vague monism which affirmed little more than the sacredness of the earth. Though there was little attempt at the Earth summit to address environmental issues from a Christian basis, a Iater international meeting of Christian environmentalists and theologians at the Au Sable Institute In Michigan made significant progress in articulating a Biblical basis for addressing the complex issues of environment and development. One achievement of the Au Sable forum was the formation of an International Evangelical Network.

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