April 1995
volume 7 (1)

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Guest Editorial: The Science-Faith Debate: Important New Developments

Colin Humphreys
Pages: 2-2


What happens when we pray

John Houghton
Pages: 3-20


The practice of prayer as presented in Scripture and as experienced by Christians through the centuries presupposes a belief that God knows about, cares about and can take action regarding the matters being prayed about. How does the ‘faith story’ of the events in question relate to the ‘scientific story’ of those events? I explore the analogy of a spiritual dimension to assist in understanding how God works in relation to our prayers and certain problems associated with such an analogy. I then briefly consider further related questions: does God know the future, are there limitations to prayer and can prayer be tested?


Creation and the Environment

R. J. Berry
Pages: 21-43


Debates about creation and evolution have distracted attention from the proper understanding of the environment as God’s creation, for which we are responsible to God. This has left the way open for a plethora of odd religious ideas, which in turn have raised suspicions about orthodox Christian interpretations of the environment and distracted from the obligations of stewardship laid by God on his people. This essay reviews some of the deficiencies and divergences of creation doctrine, beginning from the implicit teaching of scripture that God created the world ex nihilo, that nature is not divine, and that it has been redeemed by Christ’s work. The consequence of living in God’s image in God’s world is that we are stewards, accountable to God for our creation-care. The working-out of this doctrine is explored in terms of the more important distortions of our relationship to the world (syncretism, New Age teachings, Gaia, creation spirituality, deep ecology) and the weakness of our current perceptions. The conclusion is that traditional teachings about responsible stewardship need to be asserted and emphasized by Christians, and that these form the basis of environmental care for Christian and nonbeliever alike.


A Reply to Poole

Richard Dawkins
Pages: 45-50


The following comments are in response to an article by Michael Poole entitled ‘A critique of aspects of the philosophy and theology of Richard Dawkins’, Science and Christian Belief (1994) 6, 41-59.


Essay Review: Science and Christian Belief by John Polkinghorne

Paul Helm
Pages: 59-64


A response to Dawkins

Michael Poole
Pages: 51-58




Peter Addinall
Pages: 65-67


Reply to Peter Addinall

Colin Humphreys
Pages: 67-70


Book reviews

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Beyond Brundtland: Green Development in the 1990’s

Thijs de la Court (Ron Elsdon)
Pages: 71-72

Value Free Science? Purity and Power in Modern Knowledge

Robert N. Proctor (V. Paul Marston)
Pages: 72-74

The Astonishing Hypothesis. The Scientific Search for the Soul

Francis Crick (D. A. Booth)
Pages: 75-76

Nothing But Atoms And Molecules?: Probing the limits of science

Rodney D. Holder (Ernest Lucas)
Pages: 76-77

God, The Big Bang and Stephen Hawking: An Exploration into Origins

David Wilkinson (Oliver Howarth)
Pages: 77-78

Complexity: the emerging science at the edge of order and chaos

M. Mitchell Waldrop (David Atkinson)
Pages: 78-79

Black Holes and Baby Universes and other essays

Stephen Hawking (Robert Boyd)
Pages: 79-80


Roger Lewin (J. Houghton)
Pages: 80-81

‘The Doctrine of DNA’

R. C. Lewontin (Alun Morinan)
Pages: 81-83

Rationality & Science: Can Science Explain Everything?

Roger Trigg (Denis Alexander)
Pages: 83-85

Biothethics in a Liberal Society

Max Charlesworth (Caroline Berry)
Pages: 85-86

Creation Revisited

P. W. Atkins (E. Rogers)
Pages: 86-87

The Science and Theology of Information

C. Wassermann, R. Kirby and B. Rordorff (P. Lendsberg)
Pages: 87-87

The New Genesis

Ronald Cole-Turner (R. B. Heap)
Pages: 87-89

The Golem: what everyone should know about science

Harry Collins and Trevor Pinch (Ernest C. Lucas)
Pages: 89-91

Eternity and Eternal Life. Speculative Theology and Science in Discourse

Tibor Horvarth, S. J. (Brother Jacques Arnould)
Pages: 91-92

Science Education for a Pluralist Society

Michael J. Reiss (Steve Bishop)
Pages: 93-94

Our Place in the Cosmos

Fred Hoyle & Chandra Wickramasinghe (Robert Boyd)
Pages: 93-94

Environmental Ethics: Divergence and Convergence

Susan J. Armstrong and Richard G. Botzler (Steve Bishop)
Pages: 94-94

Man and Creation: Perspectives on Science and Theology

Michael Bauman (ed.) (Oliver Barclay)
Pages: 95-95