April 1993
volume 5 (1)

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Guest Editorial: ‘Without a Memory’

Colin Russell
Pages: 2-4


Appropriate Technology and Christian Belief: A Case Study of Amazonia

Ghillean T. Prance
Pages: 5-17


The Amazon region is being destroyed because of the use of technologies that are Inappropriate for the region. Examples of this bad stewardship of the most diverse part of creation are given followed by some examples of how a more appropriate technology could achieve a balance between conservation and sustainable use of the region. This is related to the need for a christian concern for better stewardship of the earth based on strong biblical principles.


The Consistency of Physical Law With Divine Immanence

Ian J. Thompson
Pages: 19-36


A model is presented to show how the existence of physical law could be a reasonable consequence of Divine Immanence in the world of natural phenomena. Divine Immanence is seen as the continual production of the principal causes or dispositions which enable created thIngs to act and change. It is argued that this model is physically consistent, philosophically coherent, and theologically sound.


Scientific Fraud and Christian Ethics

J. N. Hawthorne
Pages: 37-45


Fraud In science, though not common, is sufficiently widespread for governments to react. Examples of fraud are given, including the Piltdown skull, the work of Moewus on the genetics of algae and recent deceptions by biological scientists. Manipulation of statistical data, if not outright fraud, was practised by Mendel, the father of modern genetics, also by Sir Cyril Burt in his study of the heritability of intelligence. The motivation of such deceivers is considered and a Christian response to the problem is offered.


Animal Rights: A Reply to Barclay

Andrew Linzey
Pages: 47-51


The following comments are in response to an article by Dr Oliver BarcIay entitled ‘Animal Rights: a Critique’ (Science and Christian Belief (1992) 4, 4961).


Book reviews

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Chance and Chaos

David Rouelle (John Polkinghorne)
Pages: 69-69

Pierre Duhem: Philosophy and History in the Work of a Beliving Physicist

R. N. D. Martin (Lawrence Osborn)
Pages: 69-70

Darwin on Trial

Phillip E. Johnson (Oliver Barclay)
Pages: 70-71

Evolution of the Brain: creation of the Self

John C. Eccles (Stuart Judge)
Pages: 71-72

The Mind of God: Science and the search for the ultimate meaning

Paul Davies (Lawrence Osborn)
Pages: 72-73

The Politics of Evolution

Adrian Desmond (V. Paul Marston)
Pages: 73-78


Adrian Desmond and James Moore (V. Paul Marston)
Pages: 73-78

Theology for Scientific Age. Being and Becoming–Natural and Devine

A. R. Peacocke (Jacques Arnould)
Pages: 78-79

The Justification of Science and the Rationality of Religious Belief

Michael C. Banner (Sally Alsford)
Pages: 79-80