October 1992
volume 4 (2)

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Denis Alexander
Pages: 82-82


Natural Law in the Natural Sciences: the Origins of Modern Atheism?

John Hedley Brooke
Pages: 83-103


It is commonly argued that the sciences have eroded religious belief by explaining physical phenomena in terms of natural laws. This formulation is, however, defective because it fails to recognise that what was often in dispute between secular and sacred philosophies of nature was not the possibility of law statements but the meaning to be attached to the ‘law’ metaphor. The object of the paper is to explore some of the resonances of the term in different historical contexts, to stress its strategic role in both secular and sacred constructions of nature, and to argue that the real issues dividing the theist from the atheist usually lay behind the veil of nature’s regularities.


Mapping the Human Genome: the Human Genome Project

John Bryant
Pages: 105-125


Growth of knowledge in human genetics for long lagged behind our knowledge of genetics in general. All areas of genetics have benefitted enormously from the input of recombinant DNA (genetic engineering) techniques. For human genetics there is now a coordinated effort, using all available techniques, to map the entire human genome. The Human Genome Project was initiated in 1990 and is due to be completed in 2005. The project, in common with nearly all new developments in science and technology, raises some social and ethical concerns; most if not all potential problems may be controlled by appropriate regulatory bodies. The benefits of the human genome project, especially for medicine, are likely to be enormous.


Review Article. Reason and Reality: The relationship between science and theology by John C. Polkinghorne

Oliver R. Barclay
Pages: 127-129


Response to review article

John C. Polkinghorne
Pages: 130-130


A Short Introduction to the New Age Movement

Ernest Lucas
Pages: 3-11


The following notes were written as background information for participants in a ‘Christians in Science’ conference on the subject ‘Science, Christianity and the New Age Movement’ (Regent’s College, London, 28 September, 1991). The notes are reproduced here to introduce the central tenets of New Age thinking, other aspects of this movement being analysed in greater depth in three further articles in this issue.


Book reviews

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Blueprints: Solving the Mystery of Evolution

Maitland A. Edey & Donald C. Johanson (Darryl Macer)
Pages: 131-132

Shaping Genes

Darryl Macer (John Bryant)
Pages: 132-134

The Unheeded Cry

Bernard E. Rollin (T. J. Parkinson)
Pages: 134-134

Theology and the Justification of Faith

Wentzel Van Huyssteen (W. S. K. Chalmers)
Pages: 135-135

The Description of nature. Niels Bohr and the Philosophy of Physics

John Honner (Peter Landsberg)
Pages: 135-136

Thinking about Science–Max Delbrück and the Origins of Molecular Biology

Ernst Peter Fischer and Carol Lipson (David M. Taylor)
Pages: 136-138

God Values, and Empiricism: Issues in Philosophieal Theology

Creighton Peden and Larry Axel (Robert C. Bishop)
Pages: 138-139

The Earth is the Lord’s

Steve Bishop and Christopher Droop (Leslie Batty)
Pages: 139-140

Thinking About Nature: An Investigation of Nature, Value and Ecology

Andrew Brennan (Peter D. Moore)
Pages: 140-141

Global Warming

Stephen H. Schneider (John Houghton)
Pages: 141-141

Animal and Christianity. A Book of Readings

Andrew Linzey and Torn Regan (Oliver Barclay)
Pages: 142-142

Genesis Today

Ernest Lucas (Reg Luhman)
Pages: 142-143

Science and Religion: One world–changing perspectives on reality

Jan Fennema and lain Paul (Revd. Dr. D. C. Spanner)
Pages: 143-144

Religion in an Age of Science, The Gifford Lectures 1989-1991

Ian Barbour (Lawrence Osborn)
Pages: 144-145

Creation out of Nothing

Don Cupitt (Lawrence Osborn)
Pages: 146-147

The Savior of Science

Stanley L. Jaki (David Burgess)
Pages: 147-147

How to Ploy Theological Ping Pong

Basil Mitchell (M. B. Roberts)
Pages: 147-148


Frank Close (A. G. Stewart)
Pages: 148-149

Beyond the Big Bang: Quantum Cosmologies and God

William B. Drees (Robert L. F. Boyd
Pages: 149-150

Science of the Gods: Reconciling mystery & matter

David Ash & Peter Hewitt (Lawrence Osborne)
Pages: 150-152

The Rebirth of Nature; The Greening of Science and God

Rupert Sheldrake (Lawrence Osborn)
Pages: 150-152

The Fate of the Forest–Developer, Destroyers and Defenders of the Amazon

Susanna Hecht and Alexander Cockburn (Julian Evans)
Pages: 152-153

The Purpose of It All

Stanley L. Jaki (Robert C. Bishop)
Pages: 153-154

The Power of Miracle

Norman R. C. Dockeray (J. H. Chamberlayne)
Pages: 154-154

Biology Through the Eyes of Faith

R. T. Wright (A. B. Robins)
Pages: 155-155

Man on Earth

John Reader (A. B. Robins)
Pages: 155-155