Current issue:
October 2021
volume 33 (2)




Keith Fox
Pages: 61-62

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How the Laws of Nature were Naturalised

Jeffrey Koperski
Pages: 63-82

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From Deterrence to Abhorrence: How the Catholic Church Has Changed Its Mind on Nuclear Weapons

Jonathan W. Chappell
Pages: 83-98

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Secondary school students’ perceptions of scientific and religious positions on miracles

Berry Billingsley, Keith S. Taber, Mehdi Nassaji
Pages: 99-120

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Response to William Horst

Stom Ambrose
Pages: 132-136

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Response to Tom Ambrose

William Horst
Pages: 137-140

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Essay reviews

Chronology in Genesis 1-2 and the book Genesis 1-4 by C. John Collins

Paul Marston
Pages: 121-131

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Book reviews

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Christianity and the New Eugenics

Calum MacKellar, (D. Gareth Jones)
Pages: 141-142

Physico-theology: Religion and Science in Europe, 1650-1750

Ann Blair and Kaspar von Greyerz (eds.), (Nick Spencer)
Pages: 143-144

EcoTheology: A Christian Conversation

Kiara A. Jorgenson and Alan G. Padgett (eds.), (Dr Ruth Valerio )
Pages: 145-145

Bede and the Cosmos: Theology and Nature in the Eighth Century

Eoghan Ahern, (James Hannam)
Pages: 146-147

Dinosaurs, volcanoes and Holy Writ: a boy turned-scientist journeys from fundamentalism to faith

James L. Hayward, (Hugh Rollinson)
Pages: 148-148

Original Sin and the Fall: Five Views

J. B. Stump and Chad Meister (eds.), (The Revd Dr Ernest Lucas)
Pages: 149-150

On The Origin of Consciousness: An Exploration through the Lens of the Christian Conception of God and Creation

Scott D. G. Ventureyra, (Carl Thomas)
Pages: 151-152

Cosmology Without God?: The Problematic Theology Inherent in Modern Cosmology

David Alcalde, (Dr Kevin Ralley)
Pages: 153-153

Can we believe in people? Human Significance in an Interconnected Cosmos

Stephen R. L. Clark, (Mirjam Schilling)
Pages: 154-154

Bioethics and the Character of Human Life

Gilbert Meilaender, (John Bryant)
Pages: 155-156

Science without God? Rethinking the History of Scientific Naturalism

Peter Harrison & Jon H. Roberts (eds.), (Nathan Bossoh)
Pages: 157-157

Through a Glass, Darkly: Journeys through Science, Faith & Doubt - a memoir

Alister McGrath, (Steph Bevan)
Pages: 158-158

Orthodox Christianity and Modern Science: Tensions, Ambiguities, Potential

V. N. Makrides, G. E. Woloschak (eds.), (Elizabeth Theokritoff)
Pages: 159-160

Ramified Natural Theology in Science and Religion: Moving Forward from Natural Theology

Rodney Holder, (Shaun Henson)
Pages: 161-162

What Good is God: Crises. Faith. and resilience.

Roger Abbott and Robert White, (John Swinton)
Pages: 163-164

The Mind of God and the Works of Nature: Laws and Powers in Naturalism, Platonism, and Classical Theism

James Orr, (Steven Horst)
Pages: 165-166