October 2020
volume 32 (2)

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Editorial - Following the Science

Keith Fox
Pages: 109-110

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Death through Adam: Two Different Senses in Two Different Pauline Letters

William Horst
Pages: 111-127

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The Spirit and the Glory's Banishment from the Material World: Reimagining Divine Immanence in the Light of Later Modern Science

John Jefferson Davis
Pages: 128-143

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The 'Marks of God's Wisdom' in Comenius's Panorthosia: A Biblical Commonplace at the Foundations of Modern Science

Christopher Barina Kaiser
Pages: 144-160

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Obituary - Sir John Houghton FRS

Robert White
Pages: 188-192

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Welcoming the Mechanoids: A response to 'The Robot's Redemption'

Gavin Merrifield
Pages: 161-166

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A Response to 'Welcoming the Mechanoids': Theological Anthropocentrism and the Freedom to Love

Alan McGill
Pages: 167-172

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Comment on article by John Mitchell

Peter J Bussey
Pages: 173-174

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Book reviews

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Science and Humanity: A Humane Philosophy of Science and Religion

Andrew Steane (Joshua Fountain)
Pages: 193-194

Science and Christian Ethics

Paul Scherz (John Bryant)
Pages: 194-196

Religion Explained?: The Cognitive Science of Religion after Twenty-five Years

Luther H. Martin & Donald Wiebe (Joanna Collicutt)
Pages: 196-198

Studying the Image: Critical Issues in Anthropology for Christians

Eloise Meneses (Daniel Lee Hill)
Pages: 198-199

Faith , Hope, and Love in the Technological Society

Franz A. Foltz, Frederick A. Foltz (Todd Kantchev)
Pages: 200-201

Our Common Cosmos: Exploring the Future of Theology, Human Culture and Space Sciences

Zoë Lehmann Imfeld and Andreas Losch (eds.) (Robert Bishop)
Pages: 201-203

On Animals vol. 2 Theological Ethics - 2019

David L. Clough (Meric Srokosz)
Pages: 203-205

Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique

J. P. Moreland, Wayne Grudem, Christopher Shaw, Stephen C. Meyer (eds.) (Keith Fox)
Pages: 205-207

Rethinking History, Science and Religion: An Exploration of Conflict and the Complexity

Bernard Lightman (ed.) (Nick Spencer)
Pages: 207-209

Divine Action and the Human Mind

Sarah Lane Ritchie (Roger Trigg)
Pages: 209-210

Cosmology in Theological Perspective - Understanding our Place in the Universe

Olli-Pekka Vainio (Paul Wraight)
Pages: 210-211

Astrobiology and Humanism: Conversations on Science, Philosophy, and Theology

Julian Chela-Flores (Ted Peters)
Pages: 212-213

Outgrowing God - A Beginner's Guide

Richard Dawkins (John Hastings)
Pages: 213-215

Outgrowing Dawkins - God for Grown-Ups

Rupert Shortt (John Hastings)
Pages: 215-216

Biotechnology, Human Nature, and Christian Ethics

Gerald McKenny (Alexander Massmann)
Pages: 216-218