October 2017
volume 29 (2)

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Keith Fox
Pages: 90-91


Creation as a Gift: A Neglected Approach to Creation Care

Pages: 93-120


Our Christian responsibility for ‘every living thing’ (Genesis 1) has long been framed as a matter of creation care. This frame fits well within the broader secular concepts of stewardship and sustainability that have been espoused by many, from development organisations to government funded schools. In recent years, Christian theologians and thought leaders have expanded on the frames within which to address issues of the environment and climate change. These include loving our global neighbours, sharing God’s mission, celebrating the community of creation and embracing a covenant framework. Here, I argue for placing more emphasis on another, complementary perspective, that of considering creation as a gift. Although this idea has been considered by postmodern philosophers and theologians and Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic leaders and scholars, it has only been briefly referred to in passing by conservative Protestant Christian theologians and scientists concerned with creation care. I suggest, however, that only within biblical Christianity can this approach be fully appreciated, as one that motivates us both to give thanks and to give ourselves to the care for a creation that is under serious threat.


Miracles in Medicine

Pages: 121-134


Miracles in Medicine – a brief response to Peter May

Pages: 135-141


Science and the Reformation: Historiographical Soundings

Pages: 142-160


This article surveys some of the ways in which historians have conceived of the relations between science and the Reformation. Intended as an introduction for those unfamiliar with this literature, it focuses on a selection of studies that together illustrate something of the range of associations, interactions, and influences that historians have identified.



Models of the Fall – responses to Lydia Jaeger - Original sin

Pages: 161-161


Models of the Fall – responses to Lydia Jaeger - Sin and Mortality

Pages: 161-165


Models of the Fall Including a Historical Adam as Ancestor of All Humans: Scientific and Theological Constraints - Response to Peter G. Nelson and Andrew Steane

Pages: 166-172


Book reviews

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Vying for Truth – Theology and the Natural Sciences from the 17th Century to the Present

Hans Schwarz (Michael Fuller)
Pages: 173-174

Free Thought, Faith and Science: Finding Unity by Seeking Truth

Roger Pullin (John Spicer)
Pages: 174-176

Finding God in the Waves: How I Lost My Faith and Found It Again Through Science

Mike McHargue (Nicholas Higgs)
Pages: 176-177

The Ashgate Research Companion to Theological Anthropology

Joshua R. Farris Charles Taliaferro (Alexander Massmann)
Pages: 177-179

Describing the Hand of God: Divine Agency and Augustinian Obstacles to the Dialogue between Theology and Science

Robert Brennan (Fintan Lyons)
Pages: 180-181

Conversion in Luke-Acts: Divine Action, Human Cognition, and the People of God

Joel B. Green (Malcolm Jeeves)
Pages: 181-183

The Believing Scientist: Essays on Science and Religion

Stephen M. Barr (Robert C. Bishop)
Pages: 183-184

How can Physics underlie the Mind?

George Ellis (Paul Ewart)
Pages: 184-186

Reason and Wonder: Why Science and Faith need each other

Eric Priest (ed.) (John Weaver)
Pages: 186-188

Where Science and Ethics Meet: Dilemmas at the Frontiers of Medicine and Biology

Chris Willmott Salvador Macip, (Philippa Taylor)
Pages: 188-189

Signposts to God: How Modern Physics & Astronomy Point the Way to Belief

Peter Bussey (Jeffrey Koperski)
Pages: 189-191

Adam and the Genome: Reading Scripture after Genetic Science

Dennis R. Venema Scot McKnight, (Jitse van der Meer) (Koert van Bekkum)
Pages: 191-193

Let There Be Science: Why God Loves Science, and Science Needs God

David Hutchings Tom McLeish (Ruth M Bancewicz)
Pages: 193-194