April 2005
volume 17 (1)

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Michael Byrne
Pages: 2-4


The Boyle Lecture 2003: Darwin, Design and the Promise of Nature

John F. Haught
Pages: 5-20


A Response to the Boyle Lecture

Simon Conway Morris
Pages: 21-24


A Blast from the Past? The Boyle Lectures and Natural Theology

Alister McGrath
Pages: 25-34


Reflections on the Boyle Lecture

Paul Helm
Pages: 35-40


The Lions Seek Their Prey From God: a Commentary on the Boyle Lecture

R. J. Berry
Pages: 41-56


True Union Differentiates: A Response to My Critics

John F. Haught
Pages: 57-70


Appropriate Technology: The Poetry of Science

Michael J. Clifford
Pages: 71-82


The case is made for increased use of appropriate technology to solve pressing engineering challenges from a Christian perspective. The rapid advance of technology and its impact on culture and research priorities are discussed. Appropriate technology is introduced as a practical and ethical alternative to the increasingly complex solutions favoured by many. ‘L’invention n’est-elle pas la poésie de la science?’1 E. M. Bataille ‘The world is very different now. For man holds within his mortal hands the power to destroy all forms of human poverty and the power to destroy all forms of human life.’2 John F. Kennedy



More on Memes

Alan Gijsbers
Pages: 83-84


Van Till and Probability Theory

Colin Reeves
Pages: 84-87


Intelligent Design’s Vulnerability to False Positive Indicators: A Response to Reeves

Howard J. Van Till
Pages: 87-90


Book reviews

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God’s Stewards

D. Brandt (ed) (K. Mickleson)
Pages: 91-92

The Miracles of the Exodus

C.Humphreys (J. Bimson)
Pages: 92-93

The Re-enchantment of Nature

McGrath (W. Kay)
Pages: 94-95

Living with Hope

J. Polkinghorne (E. Lucas)
Pages: 95-95

The Question of God

M. Palmer (R. Luhman)
Pages: 95-96

Nature, Human Nature, and God

I. Barbour (K. Mickleson)
Pages: 96-97

God’s Book of Works

R. Berry (C. Dow)
Pages: 98-99

The New Genetic Medicine

T. Shannon & J.Walter (G. Jones)
Pages: 101-102

The New Flatlanders

E. Middleton (J. Bausor)
Pages: 102-103

Science, Theology and Ethics

T. Peters (P. Moore)
Pages: 103-104

In Our Image: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Spirit

N. Herzfeld (P. McCarthy)
Pages: 104-105

Philosophy Matters: An Introduction to Philosophy

R. Trigg (P. Hampson)
Pages: 105-106

Bridging Science and Religion

T. Peters & G. Bennett (eds) (M. Poole)
Pages: 106-107

Darwin and Design

M. Ruse (S. Lucas)
Pages: 107-108

Life’s Solution

S. Morris (R. Berry)
Pages: 108-111

Jesus and the Earth

J. Jones (L. Burn)
Pages: 111-112

New Age, Paganism and Christian Mission

S. Hollinghurst (E. Lucas)
Pages: 112-112