October 2001
volume 13 (2)

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Guest Editorial: What does Physics tell us about God?

Owen Gingerich
Pages: 98-98


Human Genetics and the Image of the Triune God

Neil G. Messer
Pages: 99-111


The initial sequencing of the human genome, together with the rapidly developing technology of genetic manipulation, has brought into sharp focus some acute questions about what it means to be human. In this paper, some key issues are identified: biological determinism and reductionism, the meaning of health, the effect on personal identity of manipulating our genes and the moral limits which should be placed on our use of genetic manipulation. A Christian account of human personhood, made in the image and likeness of God, is developed, drawing on various theological sources including the Trinitarian theology of John Zizioulas and Jürgen Moltmann and the theological anthropology of Alistair McFadyen. It is argued (1) that our being and identity are rooted and grounded in God’s creation of us; (2) that human personhood, made in God’s image, is inescapably relational; (3) that even the best human relationships fall short of the fullness of God’s image, so that the work of God in Christ is needed for the fulfilment of God’s creative purpose. On the basis of this account, a response is given to deterministic and reductionist views of the human person, an understanding of health is articulated and some ethical conclusions about the use of genetic manipulation are drawn.


Where science and history meet: some fresh challenges to the Christian faith?

Colin A. Russell
Pages: 113-125


The Wilberforce-Huxley Debate: Why Did It Happen?

John Hedley Brooke
Pages: 127-141



Supervenience and causality – A medical response

Alan J. Gijsbers
Pages: 163-164


Book reviews

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Music to Move the Stars

Jane Hawking (Diana Briggs)
Pages: 166-167

Mystery of Mysteries: Is Evolution a Social Construction?

Michael Ruse (R J Berry)
Pages: 167-169

Origins of Life, Second Edition

Freeman Dyson (Margaret Ginzburg)
Pages: 169-170

The Shaping of Rationality: Towards Interdisciplinarity in Theology and Science

J. Wentzel van Huyssteen (Adrian Brown)
Pages: 170-172

Almost Like a Whale: The Origin of Species Updated

Steve Jones (Andrew Halestrap)
Pages: 172-174

Unprecedented Choices: Religious Ethics at the Frontiers of Genetic Science

Audrey R. Chapman (John A Bryant)
Pages: 174-175

From Global Warming to Dolly the Sheep: An Encyclopædia of Social Issues in Science and Technology

David E. Newton (Celia Deane-Drummond)
Pages: 176-177

Questions of Science: Exploring the interaction between science and faith

Andrew Barton (Michael Walker)
Pages: 177-178

Towards a Democratic Science. Scientific Narration and Civic Communication

Richard Harvey Brown (John Eldridge)
Pages: 178-180

Intelligent Design: The Bridge Between Science & Theology

William A. Dembski (Ernest Lucas)
Pages: 180-182

Electromagnetism and the Sacred

Laurence W. Fagg (Roland Dobbs)
Pages: 182-183

Science & its Limits: The Natural Sciences in Christian Perspective (2nd edition)

Del Ratzsch (Mike Poole)
Pages: 183-184

A Time to heal: A Contribution towards the Ministry of Healing

The Bishop of Chelmsford et al
Pages: 184-185

A Time to Heal: The Development of Good Practice in the Healing Ministry: A Handbook

The Bishop of Chelmsford et al (Dr. John Wilkinson)
Pages: 184-185

The Care of Creation: Focusing Concern and Action

R.J. Berry (John M. Drake)
Pages: 185-186

Thinking Clearly about God and Science

David Wilkinson & Rob Frost (John Bausor)
Pages: 187-187

Rare Earth: why complex life is uncommon in the universe

Peter D.Ward and Donald Brownlee (Bennet McInnes)
Pages: 187-189

Christians and Bioethics

Fraser Watts (Stuart Lucas)
Pages: 189-190

Groundwork of Science and Religion

Philip Luscombe (Steve Bishop)
Pages: 190-191

Science and Theology since Copernicus

Peter Barrett (John Polkinghorne)
Pages: 190-191

Christianity and Ecology: Seeking the Well-Being of Earth and Humans

Dieter T. Hessel & Rosemary Radford Ruether (Ron Elsdon)
Pages: 191-192