October 1999
volume 11 (2)

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Editorial: Reflections on the Twentieth Century

Denis Alexander
Pages: 98-98


The Human Genome Project: Tool of Atheistic Reductionism or Embodiment of the Christian Mandate to Heal?

Francis Collins
Pages: 99-111


Eastern Religions and Modern Physics – a Further Examination

Peter J. Bussey
Pages: 113-127


A further study is made of the claims that modern physics confirms certain aspects of eastern religious philosophy, with special reference to particle physics and quantum mechanics. Some particular topics discussed are complementarity, the role of the ‘observer’ in quantum mechanics, questions concerning unity and interrelationship, and the existence of quantum events. The ultimate role of rationality in the universe is contrasted between East and West. In general, a negative conclusion is reached: most of the similarities are superficial only. In one or two cases there may even be conflicts with some aspects of eastern teachings.


Biodiversity Loss in the Developing World and Sustainable Development

John B. Sale
Pages: 129-138


Plants and animals are major components of the Creator’s comprehensive provision for human existence, contributing to man’s physical needs and providing the basis for aesthetic and intellectual fulfilment. They also provide a demonstration of God’s power and creative genius, meant to engender humility and worship. Humankind has a God-given mandate to exercise responsible stewardship over the whole of the material creation, including global biodiversity, which entails increasing their understanding of it and using it carefully to meet a variety of needs. Based on his own professional experience, the author examines selected aspects of the stewardship of tropical biodiversity, using examples from Asia and Africa including the arid vegetation of Arabia, the Borneo rainforest, the Asiatic lion, Great Indian rhinoceros and the African elephant. As elsewhere in the world, these resources are frequently threatened by a lack of care and over-exploitation driven by short-term economic considerations which jeopardise their availability to future generations. Ways are explored by which a biblical concept of stewardship can influence the sustainability of man’s use of living natural resources. The aim is to achieve a balance between the various original purposes of creation, avoiding destructive over-utilization on the one hand and excessive protection and veneration of charismatic species on the other. Christians should recognise their responsibility to both care for biodiversity and encourage proper human development.


Portraits of Human Nature: Reconciling Neuroscience and Christian Anthropology

Warren S. Brown Malcolm A. Jeeves
Pages: 139-150


ESSAY REVIEW Reconstructing Nature: the Engagement of Science

Colin A. Russell
Pages: 151-157


Book reviews

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The Creative Loop

Erich Harth (Diana Briggs)
Pages: 169-170

Anglo-American Postmodernity

Nancey Murphy (Michael Alsford)
Pages: 170-171

Science, Life and Christian Belief: A Survey and Assessment

Malcolm A. Jeeves and R.J. Berry (Francis Barton)
Pages: 171-172

Science in Faith: a Christian Perspective on Teaching Science

Arthur Jones (ed.) (John Bausor)
Pages: 172-174

Human Cloning: Religious Responses

Ronald Cole-Turner (Caroline Berry)
Pages: 174-175

Human Nature at the Millennium: Reflections on the Integration of Psychology and Christianity

Malcolm A. Jeeves (Rosamund Bourke)
Pages: 175-176

Descartes and his Contemporaries: Meditations, Objections, and Replies

Roger Ariew and Marjorie Grene (ed.) (John Hedley Brooke)
Pages: 176-177

Lifelines: Biology, Freedom, Determinism

Steven Rose (John A. Bryant)
Pages: 177-180

How Large is God?: The Voices of Scientists and Theologians

John Marks Templeton (ed.) (David Burbridge)
Pages: 180-181

Reading the Mind of God

Philip Duce (Richard Dimery)
Pages: 181-183

Fertility and Faith: The Ethics of Human Fertilization

Brendan McCarthy (Gareth Jones)
Pages: 183-185

Matters of Life and Death: Today’s Healthcare Dilemmas in the Light of Christian Faith

John Wyatt (Gareth Jones)
Pages: 183-185

Engineering Genesis: The Ethics of Genetic Engineering in Non-Human Species

Donald Bruce & Ann Bruce (eds.) (Celia Deane-Drummond)
Pages: 185-186

In Defence of the Soul

Keith Ward (Revd. Dr. William K. Kay)
Pages: 186-187

The Spirit of Science: from Experiment to Experience

David Lorimer (ed.) (Ernest Lucas)
Pages: 187-188

Theology and Biotechnology: Implications for a New Science

Celia Deane-Drummond (Darryl Macer)
Pages: 188-189

The Quest for Meaning

L. Francis Edmunds (Paul Marston)
Pages: 189-190

The Cosmos and the Creator, An introduction to the Theology of Creation

David Fergusson (Graham McFarlane)
Pages: 191-191

Stories and Their Limits: Narrative Approaches to Bioethics

Hilde Lindemann Nelson (ed.) (Sue Patterson)
Pages: 191-192